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How It Works

Choose your Forever Home, submit your app and Move in


Take a look at our inventory, and drive by the ones that look interesting. You can see inside all of our properties and decide if you like them. Be aware that many of our homes are "minor fixers". Find one you like, and then submit your application. Prior applicants get priority!

Begin the Rent to Own Process and Work to get your Loan


If you have the desire,  income, and  ability to buy a home that needs a little work, you have a great chance of getting the home. Our typical Down Payment is $3900 and monthly rents are $1195 to $1795 per month. Down payment and first month's rent due prior to move-in.

Get your Loan and now you have your Forever Home!


Now the fun begins! Make payments on time, and we may make you the loan ourselves! Or after you have cleaned up your credit, get a new loan and watch your monthly payment go way down! Make improvements to the home from Day 1. Congratulations Homeowner!

Who We Are

The Easiest Way to Buy Your Home Now

With 15 luxury neighborhoods throughout the metropolitan area, no matter what you need or where you want to live, we have something you'll love. 

Move In today! Qualify for your Loan Later

Through tax credit programs, our affordable communities offer the opportunity to enjoy the style and amenities of our luxury neighborhoods at a lower price point.

We Qualify By Income - not Credit

Available in both our Luxury and Affordable neighborhoods, we offer Adult neighborhoods focused on community, health and safety for anyone 55+.